Bared to You  - Sylvia Day
I picked up Bared to you after seeing Dear Author's review on it the other day. I did find it was quite similar to 50 Shades of Grey although I found that it was better plotted, written and the characterisation was well fleshed out compared to Fiddy. Eva Trammel has just started a brand new job as an ad executive assistant after graduating from college. She has had a traumatic childhood which has made her wary around men although I loved that she has embarked on sexual relationships without being fearful and letting her past get to her. But when she encounters the, successful Gideon Cross a sexy and charismatic billionaire who also has a dark past, they both fall into a deep and passionate affair. I love dark, tortured heroes, and Gideon definitely fits into that category - he is also very possessive and because of this he has crossed crossed the line several times with Eva about his behaviour which tended to be on the stalkery side. Although she doesn't back down which I really liked and stood her ground although it got a bit tiring when she would run away when an issue or a problem would arise instead of dealing with it, and I found this was too much forced angst. However - I really enjoyed the story and even with the similarities with 50 Shades trilogy. I really felt that Bared to You is the superior book, because of the characterisation and a better plot with hawt sexual tension and smoking love scenes. Although I hated that it ended so abruptly.If anyone is curious about the 50 Shades trilogy, but is wary because of the editing and morally ethical issues about P2P fanfiction, then I highly recommend this book.