Aftertime - Sophie Littlefield
Full review to be posted soon.Stark, chilling and gritty dystopian fantasy, with a flawed and realistic heroine determined to be reunited with her daughter. I really enjoyed this book and Cassie's quest to be reunited with her daughter was heartfelt and in my mind the real heart of this story although I did love how the romance with the mysterious Smoke developed. Like Cassie's reawakening from being a Beater - her emotions are starting to come alive and I loved that juxtaposition along with her battling her inner demons from her past as well as battling the real ones (human and Beaters) in her quest to find her daughter. Definitely will be picking up the followup. Only gripe is that I wished the world-building was explained more such as what was the cause for the collapse in society, who was behind the attacks and the time from the Before to the Siege to Aftertime - it was vague and felt like it was 6 months or so although how groups emerged to survive felt longer than it is.