Defiance - C.J. Redwine
This is more two and half borderline 3 stars for me - Full review to be posted soon:This book held so much promise with its premise but the main plot and some issues with the characterisation fell flat for me. Whilst I liked the idea of autocratic city states where women have no status and have to rely on male protectors such as family members or husbands. I wished this was expanded on how this came to be because it was glossed over. I also had trouble getting into the story and the pace was pretty plodding in the beginning.I wasn't entirely keen on Rachel's character in the beginning and I found her annoying whilst I quite liked Logan who is more methodical and logical in contrast to her being hot headed and impulsive. The romance was also a bit problematic because I felt there was forced obstacles and it got very tiring but I liked how it ended which seems to have solved some of their issues. The climax of the book also made up for slow pace but it did feel the main plot really got going.