Shadows - Ilsa J. Bick
Full review to be posted soon.This is three and half stars for me although I may need to think more about the grade. While I really enjoyed the first book Ashes, I was pretty frustrated with the main plot in this one which really suffers from middle book syndrome. The introduction of new characters and adding more POV chapters of other characters gave the book a weird kenetic tone and pace especially in the beginning. I also felt too much was going on and it was hard to follow.But while I am not a fan of horror I love Bick's consice and tense prose. This is not a YA for young teens or even adults with easy stomachs, this was a dark dark and desolate book and I cant not help beimg engrossed by it even if I am grossed out by some scenes. While Ashes plays with the theme of the monster within and on the outside, Shadows further" explores it by illustrating the twin theme which was touched briefly. However I did find the plot convoluted and I hated the long separation by the main characters, I will definitely be looking forward to the last book. This world is dangerously terrifying and seductive.