Outcast - Adrienne Kress
Full Review posted at The Book Puhsers - http://thebookpushers.com/2013/06/24/review-outcast-by-adrienne-kress/Quick review and thoughts.Outcast is like Angelfall's quirkyville's cousin. The moment when Riley shoots the angel who is about to 'take' her she is surprised to learn that it turns into a very naked guy from the 50s who has no idea what has happened to him. The small-town setting gives the book charming tone and the romance between Gabe and Riley is sweet and tender and I loved their banter and chemistry which really shined. The whole Angel mythology and premise was at times creepy and atmospheric but also vague and not that fleshed out. This was one of the weakest aspect of the book but the ending was the real disappointment for me. If a certain event and decision didn't happen this would have made the book's rating much more higher. But the ending didn't ring true for me and I felt cheated and it was also a bit of a deux ex machina. But the engaging characters and dialogue was a highlight but shame about how it ended.