The Near Witch - Victoria Schwab
Full review to be posted soon:Children have gone missing in the village of Near but the blame to their disappearances is blamed on a mysterious stranger. However, a young girl suspects that this isn't the case and that a darker force that lives in the moors is to blame and when the disappearances affects her own family, the only person who can help is the mysterious stranger, Cole who may be the only to help her. Haunting and atmospheric, and at time pretty creepy, although I did find the first half plodding in pace and because of this I had trouble getting into the book. I also didn't find the romance that grew between Cole and Lexi interesting and I wished there was more development. Nonetheless the second half of the book, picked up in pace and it was pretty chilling in tone, I was definitely creeped out by the witch and the ending. I just wished the first half of the book was as strong as the second half.