Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye
I really loved the premise of this book which I found refreshing and intriguing at the same time. The idea of a two people trapped in the dark broken down lift is a terrific idea and a good way to ramp up the tension between two strangers. I really liked Makenna and Caden's characters and I loved how opposite they were in terms of their appearances which added to the romance and was a great riff on first impressions because their inner personalities were so different to what they projected. However while I enjoyed the novella, I did find it was a bit lacking in the Ooomph factor with the buildup. There was tension and but it never reached up to that promise for me. I also found the POV changes was confusing because there was no clear break on whose view it was and it would quickly change back. That affected the pacing/buildup. But Hearts in Darkness is a cute read, with a fantastic premise with a really sweet love story at heart.