Moonlight Road (Virgin River) - Robyn Carr
I think this was my favourite book in this set of new books. Erin Foley is suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome after her younger siblings – which she helped to raise – have moved out and she is lost on what to do with herself. Aiden has recently left the Navy and is enjoying a summer break with his family in Virgin River, and is trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. Their first encounter was humourous and Erin believes Aiden is down on his luck – which he allows her to continue to believe. I did find this amusing as their initial interactions were about hiding behind different impressions of each other, but it allowed them to open up in a fun way. Robyn Carr has a great approach to humour and I loved how she implemented it with Aiden and especially later with the rest of the Riordans. And their interplay felt realistic but with a sense of fun.I also loved how Aiden would help tend her garden that Erin tries to start while she’s holidaying in the woods. However it’s not something she’s happy with in her new setting, and she is quite lonely. And her garden – which is pretty lack lustre with her plants/veggies failing to grow – reflects her situation, where she’s alone and is unable to care and nurture for those she cares about. So I thought it was a wonderful symbolism that Aiden is the one who helps tend her garden, and it becomes a success and reflects what’s happening with them.But soon after they embark in a relationship, Aiden’s ex crazy wife shows up. Although I don’t think she was literally crazy – just an ex from hell. I did enjoy the conflict that she brought to Aiden, and the people around him. Out of the ‘villains’ of these three books, Annalee felt the most real out of them, and made the most impact for me as her manipulative actions didn’t feel forced. I also think Aiden and Erin were my favourite couple who really complimented each other, and I loved the gentle humour and wit they shared.I give Moonlight Road a 4 out of 5