Angel's Peak - Robyn Carr
I am not a Secret baby trope fan because the reasons behind it are usually very silly, and I find it to be a forced obstacle for the protagonists involved. But I could sort of understand Franci’s reasoning on why she kept her child a secret, especially since Sean’s attitude about their relationship was so casual. And it was only when she left him – because she wanted a more serious commitment, when he didn’t – that Sean realised he loved her. I think this reasoning felt flat for me, more so with Sean. His chance encounter with Franci in the bar was like: Woah. This is the woman I lost and loved! And was a fool before, but not I’m serious. That didn’t wash for me. He could have tracked her down, especially if she was the love of his life, and although this was the basis of their misunderstanding, it felt off and forced.Another aspect of this trope was Sean’s reaction about his daughter, and the length of time it was kept hidden. You would think his reaction towards Franci would have been more angry, but he seemed to get over it pretty quickly and that’s my gripe about the secret baby trope. I just wished Sean showed more reaction, other than the morning he found out. Nonetheless, I did like that there wasn’t unnecessary angst which sometimes feel forced to me because of the trope. But the matter of trust between Franci and Aiden was re-established pretty easily, although I did think that Franci’s ex would play a major role in being another obstacle but thankfully he didn’t.However the romance between them was good and I liked how it was developed, especially Sean maturing and realising what he missed out on and what was important. The side plot about Franci’s boyfriendm and the revelations about him was a bit redundant and I couldn’t see the reason why this was needed. But I loved seeing more of the Riordan clan and the secondary romance with Sean’s mother, Maureen, was fantastic. She was a hoot, and coming out of her shell and discovering that she could really enjoy life and actually letting go and discovering new love with George (Noah’s mentor and father figure) was great. In many ways there was a parallel between Maureen and Sean, where Sean was settling down and she was becoming more carefree and spontaneousm but they both realised that there are second chances in love.I give Angel’s Peak a 3.5 out of 5