Forbidden Falls - Robyn Carr
Forbidden Falls ARC review by Robyn CarrBlurb taken from Robyn Carr’s official site:Reverend Noah Kincaid moved to Virgin River to re-open an abandoned church he bought on eBay. Like Noah, the place is a little empty inside and needs some loving care.The young widower arrives ready to roll up his sleeves and build a place of worship and welcome, but he needs some help. And the Lord works in mysterious ways….With her tight shirts and short skirts, “Pastor’s assistant” is not a phrase that springs to mind when Noah meets brassy, beautiful Ellie Baldwin. The former exotic dancer needs a respectable job so she can regain custody of her children. And Noah can’t help but admire her spunk and motherly determination.The pastor and the stripper: an unlikely team to revitalize a church, much less build a future. The couple has so many differences, but in Virgin River anything is possible, and happiness is never out of the question.Last year I discovered Robyn Carr and her Virgin River series which is a series of books set in northern California, around a close knit community in a small town. I’m not usually a huge fan of quiet and subtle romances, but I quickly devoured the books in a short frame of time – although I did find that the original trilogy more engrossing with the original set of characters, especially the first book which I adored than the subsequent books.In Forbidden Falls, Noah Kincaid is a preacher who recently purchased a derelict church in Virgin River. He hires Ellie Baldwin to assist him in his duties. Noah is a classic Beta hero; sensitive, compassionate and with a great sense of humour. And he soon finds himself very attracted to Ellie, who is fun, outspoken, brassy and is not an assistant that he originally envisioned to help him out. Nonetheless, Ellie is the perfect emotional foil to Noah and I thought their interactions was fun and filled with humour and I loved the dialogue between them.Both Ellie and Noah are the perfect case of when opposites attract, and I really loved how Noah was portrayed throughout the whole story. He was a fully fleshed out character as the point of view of the book was within his perspective. This is pretty rare for a Virgin River book, as it would jump to many of the perspectives of other characters – including past ones. However, I did enjoy this approach as it really focused on the romance which some of the other books failed to do, but unfortunately at the same time, it affected the characterisation of Ellie. For a vibrant character, I really think she needed to have more insight, and at times she felt one dimensional and clinched – especially with her background and issues. Robyn Carr is pretty good at fleshing out and avoiding stereotyped traps in her characters.I just wished Ellie had more depth, and although the second half of the book improved – where we had more of point of view – I felt it could have been much better because Ellie’s character’s potential was quite fun. She was mouthy and had an upfront attitude, so it would have been fun to see her insights from her perspective. I felt her character only came alive for me with her scenes with Noah.However, I do think this was a good romance. I just think that there were lost opportunities where it could have been a wonderful romance. Nonetheless, Noah and Ellie’s characters are a fantastic addition to the community of Virgin River, and I really hope we get to see more of them in future books.I give Forbidden Falls 3.5 out of 4