Fifty Shades Freed  - E.L. James
I wasn't going to do a review on this but I feel I have to because for the price of this book is honestly not worth it. Christian and Ana haven't developed at all from the previous books. It is - rinse, lather and repeat and rinse, lather repeat etc... I really felt that their characterization was regressing and not even the hot smex or some of the sweet moments saved this book. There was no plot. It just felt like complete filler and even the promise showdown with the psycho boss or Mrs Robinson was anti-climatic. A deflated balloon held more excitement with that ending. The coincidences which led to the ending was really outlandish. And seriously Christian if you are pissed off why go to a place like the Salon? You can't really go emo to a place where women are getting their roots done.And whilst I liked the cheesy factor and HQN Presents elements (And this a person who dislikes Presents) in the previous books, this felt over-emotional and over-wrought mess and it was tiring to read. I had trouble finishing the book because I couldn't get into the characters and I really wanted to like this. The only good bit was the epilogue which was very HQNISH but I think it was because the forced angsty elements were totally gone from that point however unrealistically because I think if this was real, Christian will never overcome his issues and past.Disappointing end to a series that had flaws but it did have the cracklicious factor.