Article 5 -
Full Review to be posted soon:I really struggled to finish this book, everytime the heroine did something stupid or moaned and there was many many instances of this in the book - I just wanted to give up on the book. The book had a fantastic premise, which is similar in vein to The Handmaid's Tale of a facist/theocratic government who takes over the US. However despite the setting and premise, the setup and world-building was very very weak and vague. Descriptions were also problematic and there was a few times, I felt lost because things were cut out or missed. I also wished there was more on the background on the war and how the country fell to this government because the time-frame on how this happened was also vague and it was way to rapid as well.But the real issue was the characterisation of the narrator, and oh did she get on my nerves with her constant whining, and judgemental attitude about her situation. I can understand some instances where a character can be naive or innocent, but she was too stupid to live by making impetuous and short sighted decisions without any thought of repercussions. There isn't much I can say of the good things in this book other than the premise and even that wasn't explored very well and other books have done a better job.